Friday, January 7, 2011

Does the Express support bullying & have a right wing agenda?

This is from what I have today submitted to the web site editor:

"You have allowed this very personal abuse from this obvious sock puppet yet have not published my reply, why not?

This is not the first time that this has happened.

You constantly allow personal abuse from a small group of one or two people under various sock puppet names yet censor when people try to respond.

It looks as though you are supporting these abusers want to stop others from posting. In effect you are supporting and encouraging a small group of bullies whose purpose seems to be to shut down alternative points of view and who seem to want to stop some of us from expressing our views at all.

The culture of bullying from a few that you seem to support inhibits many people from posting or expressing their view. It takes quite a thick skin to post here anything that is not either rabidly right wing or just plain thuggish. I am finding it quite an unpleasant experience, especially as you seem to support the thugs and bullies.

In effect you are suppressing the views of a substantial proportion of the people in Macclesfield and your distribution area - it increasingly seems that you only want to appeal to and serve a specific sector and not the people of the area as a whole.

................................................. the way that you are managing  the comments on the site, your support for (or, at least inaction over) bullies and sock puppets and what looks like bias"

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