Friday, November 19, 2010


This blog is for comments about the slow motion car crash that is the Macclesfield Express.
This paper seems to be doing everything it can to hasten its own demise; it has long since given up any pretence of being a local newspaper, in touch with its readers and often, it seems, sets out to antagonise sections of the local population.
Due to its  inconsistent and arbitrary censorship on its online  comments section, locals with valid points of view often find themselves unable to comment on local  or reported issues.
Recently, for example, they  have shut down comments on the case of the local policeman charged with drink driving.
So, as they won't let people comment on their site, and as they are reported to cut, alter or simply ignore letters sent to the Editor, here as a place where people can comment on the paper, articles in it, the way that it is run and any other issue connected with it.
As ever, keep it legal, decent, honest and truthful. We will only cut abuse (ad hominem or libellous attacks etc), obscenity or similar. Differing views are welcome.