Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deliberate or just incompetent?

The good folk who manage the Express' website seem to be up to their old tricks. There have been complaints in various places and from various people about censorship by them, i.e posts not getting published on the site, particularly when they may vary from the Express' party line.
Some complaints about censorship were, surprisingly, actually posted on the site; I suppose that this was the Express' way of trying to show how open they are, but many of us know differently.
So, I tried to post at least 5 comments in the last couple of days and, guess what, none of them have appeared.
Now, if they were rude, insulting or in any way breached the Express' and MEN's guidelines, then I would have not have been surprised but, guess what, they didn't!
But, they continue to allow posts which breach their own guidelines on a regular basis.
Just look at the posts from "Junior" to get an idea of what the Express, Lee Swettenham and his team think is acceptable and  you'll get the idea.

Local paper? Yeah, right!

So, is Mr Swettenham (and the team he runs) deliberately blocking posts from some people, or are they just incompetent? Perhaps they will let us know.

We will publish their reply here.